The Taser's Edge

Word of the Day: Kerploding

If you know Futurama, then hopefully you remember one of Fry‘s greatest lines, shouted right before he runs out of the Planet Express ship and plummets to the planet below: “The planet’s kerploding!”

(Side note: it is ridiculous how many terrible YouTube fan videos of Futurama there are out there, making this one of the better ones.)

Yesterday was all about kerploding.  In the morning, Holly’s and my alarms went off at 5:30, and it was raining outside.  The strange part was that it was raining harder on one side of the house than the other.  Not a normal occurrence.  And then it wasn’t rain.  It was water spraying out of a hole in the hot water hose on the back of our washer.  Gallons and gallons and gallons very quickly onto our hardwood, covering the floor of the laundry room, the nearby hallway, half of the kitchen, and half of the pantry (and somehow not into Holly’s closet).  Holly took a brutally cold shower and left for work.  I was at home for the day anyway, so I started cleaning up.

Shortly thereafter my day kerploded, or at least my entire will toward productivity.  I must have watched seven hours of YouTube and Onion News Network, along with catching up on plenty of blogs and online news.  It was awful.  I would almost have rather been under the dentist’s drill for that long, because at least then I would have felt like I accomplished something.

Then, this afternoon I called the head of the Duke Pastoral Care to see if they had made the final decisions about which two of their 2009-2010 CPE residents were going to be in End of Life Care…and it’s not me.  Still dealing with particular kerploding dream.

Not to say the other ones are quite cleaned up yet either.  On the (perhaps) bright side, today is the Third Annual Divinity School Kegger.  The rumored brew: Pilsner Urquell.

Bonus: When you Google the phrase “The Planet’s Kerploding,” a video of a proggy instrumental band named Ubik (I would assume after the Philip K. Dick novel) comes up, with their song of that title.  They’re pretty decent if you like that sort of music (Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Berry, etc.).

Also, yesterday broke my two month daily blogging streak.  That’s probably a good thing; I tend to get obsessive about things like that.