The Taser's Edge

Nurches and Chursing Homes

It’s definitely not a great book, and it’s not Edgerton’s best either, but it still has its moments.  For instance, the new world religion developed by an eccentric senior named L. Ray Flowers at the nursing home where the book takes place:

[T]hey came up with his idea, which I refined just a tad into this: a worldwide movement that will work to make churches and nursing homes interchangeable…Look at all those ramps and empty rooms in every church in the nation…Why shouldn’t a few needy old people be staying there with church members taking care of them, in shifts…Why should churches and nursing homes not be interchangeable?  Forever.” (p. 62)

And from L. Ray’s first sermon:

“And why do we need nursing homes when we’ve got vacant rooms in church buildings?  We need not two institutions such as these, going about instituting institutional double time.  We need one.  And it shall be called Nurches of America, Chursing Homes of the United States…and we will see in the generation of our great-grandchildren Nurches of Mother Earth with Earthly Mirth, praise the God in Us All, thank you very much.” (p. 82)

Amen.  And so shall it be.