The Taser's Edge

Schlitz and Carnage, Mmm Mmm Good


Tonight I had my first experience of Schlitz–“The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous”–other than seeing an empty can in Holly’s dad’s collection and then seeing it for sale very cheaply at the Pinhook two weekends ago.  (From L to R above, Jura, the only single-malt scotch from the isle of Jura; Mean Streets with Scorcese, De Niro, and Keitel; a can of Schlitz; and then Samuel Adams Lager.) I’m not sure if they even make Schlitz in a bottle.  Also, for some reason its makers think it needs two slogans, the second being “Just the Kiss of the Hops.”  The only problem–is it really beer with that little hops?  Instead of a nice, deep, complex flavor, the the taste is all on the surface.  Kind of like scum on a pond, yet still better than PBR.  It was a gift from Dave, and I appreciated it.

Also, tonight Dave and I watched Mean Streets for the first time.  It’s the first meeting of Scorcese and De Niro.  So little plot, so much atmosphere, exceeding in awesomeness.  I think Tarantino would be a much different director without this film.  Spoiler alert: remind me to never ever ever get shot in the throat multiple times, especially while driving or being driven.  Aside from not wanting to bloody up my t-shirt in half a second flat, I don’t want to flail around too much and then try to jump out the passenger window or dramatically ram the car into a fire hydrant.