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Obama Worldwide
June 18, 2010, 12:02 am
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Read this fascinating article from BBC News, publishing Pew data on Global Attitude toward the US and toward Obama, connected to the visual below.  For all those still for some reason questioning his religion (and not questioning BBC or Pew data), the article highlights that he is well-hated in the Muslim world.

Real Concerns Voiced Well

That title  could refer to plenty of things.  In this case, the ‘real concerns’ refers to the concerns of we pro-lifers under an Obama administration with a strongly Democratic Senate and House, a situation which I helped create with my own votes.  I’ve said it before, but not yet here–I voted for Obama and other Democrats because I am pro-life.  But I had no illusions when I voted for Obama that he was interested in protecting the lives of the unborn over the rights of their mothers.  Okay, perhaps a slight illusory hope that ‘safe, legal, and rare‘ might actually mean something, but I think I might be admitting more clearly to myself that that’s not likely to happen.  And while I don’t regret my votes, I do still regret that there was not really a truly pro-life (in all its stages) candidate on the ballot.

So that’s the ‘real concerns.’  Now for ‘voiced well.’  Every long once in a while (and I have to admit I don’t really hunt very hard) I stumble across a pro-life position paper that truly deserves to be heard and to be answered, a worthy opponent if you will, despite any flaws that any argument is bound to have.  A few days ago, when I was scanning over the First Things website to write about John Richard Neuhaus, I found one.  So you should read it and tell me what you think: “Abortion after Obama” by Joseph Bottum.