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The Art of the Book (and It’s Local!)

This post began when W. David O. Taylor posted this video in this entry on his blog, Diary of an Arts Pastor.  Whether you like books, art, or just people doing things well, this is fascinating, from John Carrera of Quercus Press:

I tracked it a bit further, and I found that you can buy a copy of the book (although not a deluxe one) here at Chronicle Books or a related set of rubber stamps (for the budding or fully-flowered naturalist in your life) here.  Kind of cool to know the process from idea to ordering it, I think.

Looking through Quercus Press’ stuff reminded me that Durham its own printmakers, among them the award-winning Horse & Buggy Press, who have been known to craft a book or two (including one with an introduction by Annie Dillard), based here on Foster Street next to the Piedmont.

Check out their site having lived in Durham for a while and you will recognize some of their work (like the menus for Watts Grocery or a cover for Independent Weekly or materials for Full Frame over several years). And then, check them out at the next Third Friday.

However, if you live around Durham and want your blog bound in calfskin, this guy (also in Durham) might be the local printer to check out instead.

I’m not sure what this blog would look like without hyperlinks, copyrighted photos, or videos, however.  Don’t look for it in bookstores anytime soon.