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An Advanced Stage of Anglophilia: Welcoming a new friend (with lots of bonuses)

I’m sure nobody noticed, but there’s a new addition to the ole blogroll: Christchurch City Libraries.  I thought I should probably help you make their acquaintance.

No joke in that blog title (unlike the amazing Perry Bible Fellowship); cclblog is indeed a blog for “one of the largest public library networks in New Zealand.”  And the writing is so darn panache-y that I can’t help but like it.

A few representative posts which converted me to adding cclblog to my Google Reader:

1. “Touch me, I’m sick”–A review of a new book about creepy love songs.  (Anglophile bonus: the Kiwi librarian categorized this entry under “Humour,” not “Humor.”)

2.“Not another damn Heathcliff”–You know why this post is cool: American librarians aren’t allowed to say “damn,” even if they are describing their feelings about a new movie version of Wuthering Heights.

3. “Titular weirdness”–An article about the top weird book titles of the year, according to Bookseller.  Example: Baboon Metaphysics.

Now outdated bonus from when I wrote the beginning of this post on 3-3-09: Happy Square Root Day.  (Thanks, Geek Buffet.  Now start updating regularly for us fans, and maybe you’ll make the Blogroll, alongside all those other blogs which don’t update.)

Replacement bonus, from Reuters: “Most Britons have lied about the books they read.”